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ATmega328 Overclock (30MHz)

Hello everyone,

This is more fun oriented project than something useful (or not) since ATmega328 was not designed for clock frequency above 20MHz (see datasheet). So, 30MHz is push it far from the limit. :)

Besides, I…


Added by Marcelo Rodrigues on December 23, 2012 at 1:56pm — 3 Comments

GPS with GP-635

So many GPS receivers nowadays keep the consumer far removed from the data that they use.  I wanted to get a GPS receiver module but most of them were more than I was willing to spend for a part that I didn't actually have a project for.  SparkFun started…


Added by Jonathan Dean on December 21, 2012 at 4:19am — 2 Comments

Arduino Led Alarm Clock

This is an original way to hack a dvd-player and integrate it with an allarm-clock. Well, building up a new Digital Alarm Clock with Arduino is the real project, the integration with the DVD-Player is the Hack. Thanks [razrbhr] to send us your project.Arduino led clock driven directly using an…


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Christmas Tree O'Digital Logic


Added by Chris @ on December 18, 2012 at 7:32am — 2 Comments

Cool Arduino Badge Uses OLED

In any makerspace or barcamps everyone usually wears a badge. Its common tradition not to use regular badges but rather electronics based. This looks cooler, it can be programmed to show any information and so on. Michi K. has built an interesting looking badge based on…


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Merry Xmas - A Scrolling Text Message in LED 8x8 Matrix with Arduino

In this tutorial you will see how to make display a scrolling text message in a led 8x8 matrix with basic components and Arduino. The message can be altered changing the sketch.

Materials List: 

1 x Arduino Uno R3

1 x…


Added by GarageLab on December 15, 2012 at 1:32pm — 1 Comment

Arduino Esplora Makes A Great Controller

The folks at Arduino seem to be stepping up their game. With the new Arduino Leonardo board able to emulate USB keyboards and mice right out of the box, it seems the perfect time for Arduino designers to come up with a proper video game controller.…


Added by GarageLab on December 14, 2012 at 5:35am — 1 Comment

Kenshiro Robot Gets New Muscles and Bones

Kenshiro is the next step for the researchers at the University of Tokyo. Their previous effort resulted in a robot they called Kojiro – a robot that demonstrated the huge strides that have come in mimicking the human body, as well as the very long road yet to travel. In this new iteration, Kenshiro was preceded by a robot concept the team called…


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The Vendingwall - An Automat Of Wireless 3D Printers

There’s a lot of really cool 3D printer stuff happening in the fashion district of NYC this month. It’s called 3DEA, and shows off the awesomeness of Shapeways, Ultimaker, and the Up! 3D printer to all the fashionistas, trend setters, and the caliphate of coolness that is midtown Manhattan. The folks at Ultimaker wanted to bring something awesome to this exposition and came up with the Vendingwall: a wall of 3D printers connected into a vending machine able to print…


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Illinois Robotics Lab's HyTAQ Moves In Air, Rolls On Land

The crash-proof device acts like a wheel when it's on the ground, as well as a shock absorber, and it can avoid banging into walls. The cage can roll freely; the HyTAQ engineers said that the device works well in indoor and outdoor environments even when wind gusts prohibit successful aerial locomotion.

The team highlighted the…


Added by GarageLab on December 10, 2012 at 8:46am — No Comments

Voltage Logger does it the right way

The folks over at Adafruit have been busy designing an LED matrix wristwatch for a while now. The circuit works great, but since this watch is powered by a coin cell battery, they’d really like to get the power consumption as low as possible. This means they needed a test rig to measure the consumption…


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Pinokio - A Interactive Lamp Likes Attention


Lamps are meant to light, but students from Victoria University of Wellington think different. They modified lamp stand by adding animatronix elements. It took six servo motors, Arduino + Processing and webcam.

Camera capture image is tracked using OpenCV that helps to do face tracking. And this is practically one way of communicating with it. Lamp always is trying to get your attention – simply speaking to capture face image.…


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Advanced Bionic Hand

When we created bebionic, we wanted to produce a myoelectric prosthetic hand that could transform the lives of amputees worldwide, and help them to regain independence and control in their everyday lives.

bebionic3, is the culmination of many years of development and is the most advanced commercially available bionic hand in the world today.

We worked closely with amputees at every stage of development and testing, taking…


Added by GarageLab on December 5, 2012 at 6:14am — No Comments

Tutorial: Arduino Serial Control of Relay Module

On this tutorial, we will show how to use Arduino or any compatible board (Garagino in this case) to control a Relay Module using Serial communication with the PC.

Attention: You must be very careful while using relay modules connected to AC power…


Added by GarageLab on December 5, 2012 at 6:06am — 3 Comments

Interesting Pocket Watch made with LEDs

This pocket watch was made with an ATmega645P to control the array of LEDs, an RTC, two buttons to activate and alternate operation modes, a vibration motor, a buzzer  and a rechargeable lithium coin cell battery charged by an USB connector. The biggest challenge of the design was driving…


Added by GarageLab on December 3, 2012 at 8:19am — 1 Comment

The MineCraftClock (get up before explodes)

The user Young_Maker's (from Reddit) made a clock radio with arduino but its plays tunes from game Minecraft. The Arduino controls a LCD display. A RTC (to accurate time) and an uMp3 board were used to play random music from the game. The soundtrack is a way to gently wake up in the morning. But if time runs out, the boom of an explosion is played to make sure you’re not late for work.

Get code for Arduino …


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                           This is a new system of transmitting the power which is called wireless electricity or witricity. Witricity is based upon coupled resonant objects to transfer electrical energy between objects without wires. The system consists of a Witricity transmitter (power source), and devices which act as receivers (electrical load). It is based on the principle of resonant coupling and microwave energy transfers. The action of an electrical…


Added by garakapati abhiraj on December 1, 2012 at 2:48am — No Comments

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