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News on Robotics Field

See the highlights, a robot of 330 pounds taking a kick. This and others news was exposed last week on RoboCup, in Hefei, China.

For more information click here

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Quadcopter carrying a semi-automatic gun

While debates continues about the legality of fire guns in the USA, the authorities remain alert about the unquestionable risks of this kind of "project" making its way to the streets being that it is too violent. 

Small quad-copter drones of the type that are now widely used to videotape animals, waves and landscapes, apparently can be…


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Arduino X Arduino

On the 23rd of July, the Hackaday published an article giving more details about the dispute over the Arduino brand, including the vision of Frederico Musto about this matter. In their dispute, the Chinese (and others) flooded the market with clone boards (legal) and fake boards (illegals) confusing the buyers. But at the same time cheapening the board, which in its genuine version, could be a lot cheaper, democratizing even more the learning and developing of…


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Hackers Commandeer a Moving Jeep

With the devices connectivity going foward, questions and concerns about safety pops up. There's no way to to run, or your system will be fated to invasion, like this example where it was possible to hack the system of a Jeep that was in motion, controlling the display, windshield wipers,  air conditioning, engine and even the breaks!

It was all staged, of course, by our redoubtable rival, Wired magazine, whose Andy Greenberg knew only…


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Building a Single-molecule Transistor from Scratch

An international team of researchers has demonstrated for the first time that a single molecule can operate as a field-effect transistor. The team published its results on Nature Physics in the August 2015.

The experiments were performed in Berlin at the Paul-Drude-Institut für Festkörperelektronik (PDI), in collaboration with researchers at the Free University…


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Mobile Robots and RFID Tags Internet-of-Things-ify the Outdoors

In order to grow plants most efficiently, we’d want to be able to measure moisture levels in the soil to make sure that we’re not over or under watering. Assuming that we’re looking for a better solution than a human to walk around probing the soil all the time, we could try to have a mobile robot do the same thing, but that can be tricky and probably expensive. Another option might be to put sensors in the ground all around the field, but then you’ve got to buy…


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Sensors, Liquid Crystals Make "Omnifocal" Glasses

The glasses include sensors and liquid crystal materials to adjust to the wearer's near- and long-distance viewing.

Two optical sensors in the frames continually analyze the eyes' pupilliary distance, which changes when the wearer is focusing on objects at different distances.

This information is then sent to an on-board processor that…


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Google Proposes Open Source Beacons

(Image: Google)

Beacons are commonly marketed to help people find their way around, and to provide information to them relevant to specific locations, such as digital coupons in store aisles, bus schedules at bus stops, and historical information in museums.

Just like lighthouses have helped sailors navigate the world for thousands of years, electronic beacons can be used to provide precise location and contextual cues within apps to help you navigate the…


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How to build a proxyham despite a cancelled defcon talk

A few days ago, [Ben Caudill] of Rhino Security was scheduled to give a talk at DEFCON. His project, ProxyHam, is designed for those seeking complete anonymity online. Because IP addresses can be tied to physical locations, any online activities can be tracked by oppressive regimes and three letter government agencies. Sometimes, this means doors are breached, and “seditious” journalists and activists are taken into custody.

With the ProxyHam, the link…


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Robotic hand controlled by voice

Robotic hacker [Andrea Trufini] apparently likes choices. Not only does his robotic arm have six degrees of freedom, but it has a variety of ways he can control it. The arm’s software can accept commands through a programming language, via potentiometers, an infrared remote, or–the really interesting part–through spoken commands.

The software…


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Man Constructs 3D Printed Concrete Castle

Minnesotan contractor Andrey Rudenko is now the king of his castle; his 3D-printed concrete castle, that is. After completing a journey that took more than two years, Rudenko developed a customized 3D printer to extrude concrete and build a castle that he had designed himself. The entire structure is approximately 3 meters by 5 meters, which…


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Micro:Bit — BBC gets a million kids into embedded dev

In the Early 1980s, the BBC launched a project to teach computer literacy to a generation of British schoolchildren. This project resulted in the BBC Micro, a very capable home computer that showed a generation exactly what a computer could do. These children then went home, turned on their ZX Spectrums, and became a generation of software engineers. Still, the BBC Micro is remembered fondly.

The computer revolution is…


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DIY Pocket Laser Engraver: Pewny

Got a few spare DVD drives? You can use the laser from those drives to make a tiny laser engraver. Thingiverse member Isolt did just that, then made it safer and better looking with 3D printed parts.

The laser diode needs to be from a DVD drive that writes to discs, because the laser from a read-only drive isn’t…


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Solar Paper Thin & Light Charger: Diet Solar

Portable solar cells are notoriously slow to charge compared to external batteries, but you might not mind if you get the Solar Paper. Yolk says its device is the world’s thinnest and lightest solar charger, and you can connect multiple units together to increase their output and…


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Banana-shaped, Closed Source Arduino: WTFDuino

Programmer and electronic engineer Calum Knott fancies himself to be a reverse Steve Jobs. While Jobs championed simplicity and ease of use, Calum thinks microcontrollers are too sensible. So he undesigned the Arduino into the WTFDuino.

As you can see, the WTFDuino is in a highly impractical banana form, and Calum went…


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Apple and Android Are Finally Shouldering Their Way Into Cars

Apple and Android together sell 95 percent of the smartphones in the U.S., but for years they’d been largely locked out of the automobile. Now suddenly nearly every major automaker is preparing to share a ride with Apple Car Play, Android Auto or both.



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New Part Day: The ESP8266 Killer

Around this time last year we first heard of the ESP8266 WiFi module. It’s still a great little module, providing WiFi connectivity for all those Internet of Things things at a price point of just $5. It’s an attractive price for a great module with a huge community pumping out a lot of projects for the platform.

Now there’s a new kid on the block. It’s called the EMW3165, and like the ESP it provides WiFi…


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Janitor Satellite will gobble smaller satellite Pac-Man style

In 2012, we found out about CleanSpace One, the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology in Lausanne’s (EPFL) mission to retrieve its small satellite SwissCube in order to reduce space debris. The university recently released an update on their plans, including their projected launch date of 2018.

Originally, the plan was…


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Insane 33 Port USB Charger

Like it or not, Hackers gonna hack. And when your hackerspace has someone who looks like Doc Brown from Back to the Future, the builds can get a bit weird, like this Hack42 FestivalCharger.

The Hack42 hackerspace in Arnhem, The Netherlands had collected a large number of TP-Link 5V USB chargers – but all of them had the North American NEMA plug (flat, 2 pin) which wouldn’t fit the Schuko sockets prevalent in The Netherlands. [Simon “MacSimski” Claessen]…


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DIY Disc gun will make you obsolete

A few years ago, we saw a LEGO contraption that threw compact discs a fair distance. It was cool, but YouTuber JZSlenker‘s CD-spewing machine is a legit weapon.

The contraption is based on an angle grinder and what appears to be a…


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