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Help Needed Translating Arduino’s IDE to Klingon!

Hey! What about a Klingon IDE? Cool, isn't it?

From the Arduino Blog:

Do you want to see Arduino’s IDE translated to your own language? Do you have one hour to put into that? You can now help out by following the instructions to be found at this page in the playground. Any submissions before April 7th will be included in the next release of the software: Arduino 1.01.



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Atmega running Linux

Yes, this is an Atmega chip running Linux! Well, it takes up to 2 hours to boot, but it runs Linux! To do this, Dmitry made several creative solutions, like connecting an old 30 pins RAM module and emulating an ARM 32 bits cpu inside a 8 bit AVR. A serial port provides the interface with the world, but…


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My newest Arduino board for small robots

Hello everyone. About 3 years ago I was also working in a garage in Australia. Now I live in China where I design robot kits and accessories for DAGU. Check out my youtube channel from oldest to newest to see the stuff I did at home and the stuff I do now.

Here is my latest Arduino compatible controller. It is intended for small robots…


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Steel Heart

Using ferrofluids, Chris Suprock designed a pump that can work like an artificial heart. Pumping liquids without requiring external tubes! This can be done with ferrofluids inside a membrane. This membrane expands or contracts according to an attached electromagnet. Also, they are running a crowdfunding campaign where you can have your own exclusive desktop mechanism! Check it out: …


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Tutorial: Bluetooth and Arduino

The Bluetooth Mate Silver is a bluetooth module that can be connected to any bluetooth device, like a mobile phone. It comes with 6 pins: RTS-0, RX-I, TX-0,VCC,CTS-I, GND. The default configuration is:

  • Baud…

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Why I Love LetsMakeRobots

My Robotics Journey

Most of what I've learned about robotics, I've learned through the support of an online community called Let's Make Robots. While there is an abundance of information on the Internet and in books, LMR is where you can get the encouragement, advice, and inspiration that will get you someplace. …


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Robotic arduino clock

The clock is based on a Rbbb arduino. The time is maintained by the arduino and also the arm for plotting the numbers. The arms consist of two 9g metal gear rc servos, one for the shoulder and one for the elbow. 

The hand consists of two 4.5 g ultralight servos. One servo drives the pen and the other is used to erase the letters.

The pen used to write the letters is a whiteboard marker. The eraser is…


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Arduino generated VGA (color) signal

Hello everyone, 

Going forward on my study about VGA signal, now I could generate the sync signals (horizontal and vertical), and also play with the RGB ones. Now I can generate vertical color bars and rectangles. :)

I am still facing some problems, like to fill the entire screen area…


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How-to build 3D models from Eagle files

Dangerous Prototypes published a tutorial on how to create 3D models of your board using Google SketchUp:

Over the last few weeks we’ve been building 3D models of our projects in Google SketchUp using the EagleUp script. This script makes a 3D model of the board from Cadsoft Eagle board…


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Bionic hand with Arduino and flex sensor

This is the start of a project to make a robotic hand that will copy your hand movements. They use an Arduino board connected to a Flex Sensor 4.5" from SparkFun to sense and a simple servo to control the toy hand. This was the first trial and now they intend to put the sensor inside a glove to see if if still works…


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StorageBot: Organize your parts with this cool voice activated drawer robot.

A simple drawer robot could not impress at first glance. But, certainly when you listen to its creator giving voice commands, it's amazing. Made with Arduino, stepper motors and a voice recognition library, you could easily make your own DIY drawer…


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Girino: A faster Arduino Oscilloscope

Caffeinomane made a nice instructable about creating a faster oscilloscope with Arduino. He connected some external hardware to adjust the input signal and dived into the ATMEGA328P ADC registers to achieve which could be the fastest sampling rate for an Arduino: impressive 154 kiloSamples per…


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Measuring yourself with Kinect


From TechCrunch:

The Kinect’s powerful depth- and position-sensing sensors have been put to many a noble purpose:basic artificial visiontranslating sign language, …


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Poking Machine - Connecting Facebook to the physical world


Jasper van Loenen created a cool device that translates Facebook pokes into physical pokes. Now you can be poked with a simple ATtiny microcontroller connected to your Android phone via Bluetooth. Also, the prototype has a nice enclosure made from several layers of laser-cut acrylic sheet.

Check out more pictures and a making off video on his website: …


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Tutorial How to use SD Card with Arduino

This is a simple tutorial on how to use a SD card with Arduino. On this tutorial, we used the Breakout Board for SD-MMC Cards from SparkFun.

First, get a SD Card, put in your computer and create a text file named "test.txt" in the card…

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Today is Pi Day (3-14)

Let's celebrate March 14th: The Pi Day!

Every year, math enthusiasts around the world get together to celebrate the Pi Day. The party began at the San Francisco Exploratorium more than 20 years ago. Check out some links and celebrate!


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Have you ever wondered how cool would be to play Angry birds with a slingshot? Thanks to mBed guys! They come up with a cool idea and a clever prototype: They connected a stretch sensor and an accelerometer using the mBed board to a computer via USB. The device emulates a mouse, so few slingshot movements have to be translated in mouse…


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Audio Amplifier breakout board

Last Friday SparkFun released a new breakout board. This simple and small board can enhance your speaking projects converting audio from earphones to 8ohm speakers! It works with 2.5 - 5.5V and offer 1.4W output.

Are you doing any audio related project? What you think about this board?

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WebServer for Arduino without EthernetShield (with PC/Apache/PHP)

Hey guys!

A lot of people ask how to connect Arduino to internet, so it can interact getting data from the internet and actuating physically. Let's say, turning a light on/off, open/close a garage door, turning the coffee maker on. :)

To do this, we could use an EthernetShield, giving the "power" to Arduino access the internet. Or we can leave this power to a PC, which already have it, and then the PC, through the USB, will send the info to the…


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