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Robotic Bat Wing Developed, Surprisingly Not Funded by Wayne Enterprises

Roboticists at Brown University are one step closer to the dream of a building a robotic bat, and it’s an important step — they’ve developed a robotic bat wing, without which a robotic bat would be nothing more than a robotic mouse, which I think we can all agree would be pretty boring. I mean, sure, right now, the wing is mostly only good for learning more about the aerodynamics…


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Amazing!!! Throwing and Catching an Inverted Pendulum – "Quadrocopter Pole Acrobatics"

Two of the most challenging problems tackled with quadrocopters so far are balancing an inverted pendulum and juggling balls. The ETH Zurich’s Flying Machine Arena have now combined the two.

As part of his Master thesis …


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3Doodler Lets You Hand-Draw 3-D Objects

As affordable as 3-D printers have become, they are still out of reach for most people. A two-person team is looking to change that with their $75 handheld 3-D “printer” called the 3Doodler.

The 3Doodler is basically a handheld version of the extrusion element found in most RepRap-style 3-D printers with some much needed heat shielding and an ergonomic grip.…


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Crazy Ohmmeter Displays Resistance Color Code

When we take unknown resistor we usually take a multimeter to get numerical value. Many not even bother to decode color bands using tables – it takes time and in some cases it may be hard to detect colors right. Anyway each one of you have your own methods of detecting part values. If you like playing with color codes then check out this dun…


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'Simplified' Brain Lets the iCub Robot Learn Language

One of the most remarkable aspects of language-processing is the speed at which it is performed. For example, the human brain processes the first words of a sentence in real time and anticipates what follows, thus improving the speed with which humans process information. Still in real time, the brain continually revises its predictions through interaction between…


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Turn a Pencil Drawing into a Capacitive Sensor for Arduino

Did you know?  You can make pencil drawings reactive to touch for use with your projects!  It's really easy, and gives you a lot of flexibility in making interfaces for whatever microcontroller project you're making.

I put this together as part of my UnoJoy project, where we're using the Arduino as a platform from which to explore how…


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An Awesome, Futuristic, All-in-one Robot Chassis

No matter how many advances in electronics we find, we’re constantly surprised at the lack of progress in robot chassis. Sure, it should be a simple task to make a capable robot that looks cool, but aside from the Veter project team, no one else seems to be advancing the state of robot mechanics.

We’ve seen robotic…


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Arduino-Based Mod Adds Online Multiplayer to Regular Chess

This project by YouTuber FunGowRightNow12 and his fellow students at Northeastern University also offers online multiplayer, but it’s not a videogame. It uses a couple of physical boards along with chess pieces that move on their…


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The SSIKE personal electric scooter

Following the old school configuration of tiny pivoting wheel follows larger driving wheel, the SSIKE uses a 250 W "high torque" brushless electric motor. Mounted in an industrial styled housing encompassing the front wheel, the e-motor provides adequate performance stats for a scooter. With a top speed of 20 km/h (12 mph) and a purported range of 40 kilometers (24…


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Basic chassis and gripper for attempting more sophisticated stuff

Hello everybody

So here is a picture of a pretty basic robot chassis with a gripper that rotates about 180 degrees clockwise or counter clockwise, or goes in and out or up and down via linear actuators.  All in all pretty basic and I fully admit maybe not the most structurally sound either.…


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PowerUp 3.0 Smartphone-Controlled Paper Airplane Kit Flies into View

Growing up I built more than my fair share of paper airplanes. I’m sure a lot of you guys built plenty of them yourselves, and we still build quite a few paper flying machines around my house. I’ll let you in on a little secret – being able to fly paper airplanes off of the landing is the main reason why I purchased a two-story home.

But if your paper…


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Google Science Fair 2013 - It's Your Turn to Change the World

The Google Science Fair is an online science competition open to students ages 13-18 from around the globe. We're looking for ideas that will change the world. To get started, all you'll need is a Google account.

Submissions close in: 4/30/13

Click here for more…


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Handheld Black Hornet Nano drones issued to U.K. soldiers

Drones have become a valuable asset for any military force in recent years for both combat and surveillance. But while scanning a warzone from miles away is great from a tactical standpoint, unmanned aircraft can be just as useful in the hands of troops on the ground. That's why British soldiers in…


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'Bionic Man' Goes on Show at British Musuem

For years it existed only in the wildest realms of science fiction.

But now a team of leading roboticists have created a real bionic man - complete with artificial organs, synthetic blood and robot limbs goes.

The astonishing creation incorporates some of the latest advances in prosthetic technology, as well…


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Garabot - The Arduino IR Controlled Paper Robot

Today you will see how to make a robot based on a paper structure with some electronic components. It is controlled by an Arduino through IR commands. Its name is Garabot. :)


Material List



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Space Invaders Played on a 16×2 Character Display

This Space Invaders game does more with less. The user Rjk79 managed to make a video game using a two-line character display. The game consists of a wave of invaders on the top line,…


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The RASSOR - Nasa Engineers Building Hard-Working Mining Robot

After decades of designing and operating robots full of scientific gear to study other worlds, NASA is working on a prototype that leaves the delicate instruments at home in exchange for a sturdy pair of diggers and the reliability and strength to work all day, every day for…


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MeCam Is a $50 Camera-Equipped Autonomous Nano Quadrotor, Supposedly

MeCam vem de uma empresa chamada Always Innovating, conhecido por ... Uh ... Eu acho que eles fazem dongles HDMI e alguns um pouco fora-the-wall de hardware de computador? De qualquer forma, eles fizeram esta quadrotor pouco, ou tê-lo em fase de protótipo ou algo assim, e eles estão alegando que ele pode fazer algumas coisas muito…


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Liam's "Robohand" - A Inexpensive Home-brewed Prosthesis Created Using 3D Printers

When Ivan Owen from Washington State posted a video of his handmade mechanical hand prop on YouTube, little did he expect that he would be contacted by Richard Van As, a South African amputee and fellow craftsman living 10,000 miles away. Together, they designed and built a working prosthetic finger for Richard that we covered last October. After raising money to…


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