how to interface lcd with arduino leonardo?i follow the data and program given in the arduino software many times but no output come..please help anyone to me...

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First the basics, check what kind of LCD display they expect in the SW and make sure yours is compatible.  If it is compatible, then verify it has power.

Does your screen do anything at all?  Flash?  Light up?  Lines?  Blocks?  The Arduino LiquidCrystal library is for LCDs based on the Hitachi HD44780 chipset, but they have libraries for many other common chipsets on the LCD Playground page.  If your LCD lights up or displays garbage you probably have a different chipset.  More information about your device and what it's doing would be helpful to get more help!

ya in my LCD BACKGROUND LIGHTS ON  and simply black colour blocks come.i use 16*2 JHD 162A  .this LCD is compatible with HD44780 ? 

Hi, I think this thread might help you.  I didn't read it, but it sounds like a similar problem.,26527.0.html

If you get lights and blocks then the LCD is working and not getting any data.  It looks like the JHD uses the HD44780 chipset, so it should work with the LiquidCrystal library.  I'd check your wiring, or redo it from scratch.  Make sure all of your grounds are grounded, and make sure your contrast pot is hooked up correctly (5V on one pin, ground on the other, and the middle pin goes to the LCD).  Make sure that the R/W pin is grounded.  Make sure that in your code you initialize the LiquidCrystal library with the correct pins (if you look at the LiquidCrystal constructor, you'll use the first option with rs, enable, and d4, d5, d6, and d7); tell the library which pin on the Arduino is connected to each of the LCD pins.  After that, be sure you call LCD.begin(16, 2).  Also, for my LCD sometimes I have to reset the Arduino once or twice to get it to work.


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