Hey guys,

It doen't matter if you make in your garage, apartment, office or even in the laundry. We are sure that cool stuff is coming from there.

So, SHARE them! We really want know about the robot, software, device, or the new tests you are doing. Maybe other members can help you.

This post is to share what we are making in our garages (or elsewhere).

Oh! Pictures are more than welcome.

Keep believing!!!


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Thats Cool

Would love to see it in action!

I'm working on several projects or ideas.

Most of them are automotive related.

The biggest priority projects are:

ALDL (Assembly Line Diagnostic Link) display device. I have one of these currently, but unfortunately the guy/company that developed it is mostly interested in working with Hondas, and since I run a GM computer, only built in the basic functions that he felt he was "forced to to do" and received a polite "go eff yourself" when I asked for additional parameters to be added, keep in mind I was a beta tester for the GM interface of the device... So I want to develop my own and be able to add or change features at my discretion. I plan to release working code once I get it to work.

Another one is a simple LCD device that replaces or adds indicators to a vehicle. I.E. left and right turn signals get displayed on a LCD screen, along with any other indicators I decide to add. I also have many other functions that I could integrate with this, such as the ALDL display, sending certain information to this display.

Third is making some LCD or hopefully full colour LCD display (such as the Nokia LCD display) device that will act like gauges, taking input from sensors, both existing and new and display the temp and/or pressures (or other reading) on a small screen or typical gauge display size.

f course I could combine the above projects into one project, but would like it to all be modular, or work through one of the bus options (such as I2C) if I wanted to have them communicate with each other, which is a very real possibility.

I've had mixed success in my first attempts at some of the above projects. I'm currently in school for Electronics Engineering Technology, which is helping me understand what I need to do to get my projects from just being ideas to reality.

I keep getting more ideas the more I look around the internet though, not sure if that's a good thing or not... LOL

One of the first projects I need to work on though, is re-organizing my work bench, it's always cluttered, and that means I don't usually get much done. :/



160 baud or 8192?

the computer on the '29 is ODB1.5 so y need to talk to it at 8192baud. I used tunerpro to verify the sensors were all working, but it would be nice to have an interface like yours.

The ECM and code I'm using is 8192 baud. 

I'm hoping that once I get the basics worked out, that it will be a simple matter of referencing the .ds files to change for each OBD1 ECM and code.

I'm still learning programming, but hope it won't be too far off to getting a simple verson working, at which point, adding more features won't be much of a problem.

I use Tuner Pro RT for tuning.

I'd highy recommend you use the tunerpro .adx file format.

That file contains everything you need to know to talk to the ECU.

If you start with a .ds file theres a LOT of NIH wheel inventing going on.

What language are you using?

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I'm currently finished building a Arduino based oscilloscope. (Fits almost in an altoid tin) The hardware is all sorted out I'm just spending some time fixing up the coding because well it's messy. 

If your bored you can read / watch my video about it here http://prototalk.wordpress.com/2012/11/03/prototalk-the-alto-scope/

Otherwise photos are below. 


And I thought making a logic probe was advanced. lol

Nice work!!



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