Hey guys,

It doen't matter if you make in your garage, apartment, office or even in the laundry. We are sure that cool stuff is coming from there.

So, SHARE them! We really want know about the robot, software, device, or the new tests you are doing. Maybe other members can help you.

This post is to share what we are making in our garages (or elsewhere).

Oh! Pictures are more than welcome.

Keep believing!!!


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Now I am working on the Arduino VGA signal generator, as I post on blog, and also in a pretty cool project (with my friend Eder). A PCR. It is a device to make an small samples of DNA bigger enough for tests, and other things biologists do. The core is a thermocycler with mosfests in a H-bridge sourcing current to a Peltier. 

Here is a picture of our first tests:

I set out to solve a 100 year old problem thinking that I could do it. I reach a point where I thought it couldn't be done. I was laying in bed and then "it came to me" Like some ape I was trying to over come the problem in a human way and that I couldn't over come the problem BUT I could work with it to solve it. And thats all I'm going to tell you. Sorry,

Oh you are so mean! you wont even say what the problem was??

I have a simple air ride control in the works. read height adjust air pressure repeat for each corner...

Air ride sounds good Keith but for a classic ? Me, I would leave it all the quaint charm of the old. OK, may-be a bigger over-flow tank and an electric fan on a  - -'sit down' manual switch to run that baby on the cool side.

PS : What is a 3.4 ? Is that a Ford ? My car is a 1991 Ford Tempo 2.3 48,000mi and wow! does that car I.O.me. nerdy & sad.

Well it IS running a solid axle in front and you will have a hard time seeing the Air suspension, it's all hidden under the cross member. All you will be able to see is the air lines and I plan on covering them with fabric so they look like old time wiring. No chrome anywhere either, maybe some brass or copper. So it will look very old school, but have some new school features.

Why do you think the overflow tank is too small?

The computer controls the Electric fan :)

If you've ever designed a spring suspension you know that spring rates are quite tricky, especially if you don't really know the weight of the car at design time. Then you end up doing a few iterations. no fun and $$

Besides, with air, you can drive around at the right height, then let the air out at sit nice and low for the car shows. Also Air is just a better ride and when  you drive it or  me and 4 of my 250 lb buddies get in it, the suspension adjusts and it works properly in both cases without over springing the thing.

This 3.4 is out of a '95 Camaro, I got it, the transmission and the ECU for $200 :D It's one of the few rear wheel drive small V6's out there

you have a 91 tempo with 48k miles? Drive much?!?

Nerdy is never sad!

Oh Sad in-deed

 My Tempo came with op.rack on the trunk and wheels. It still needs Maco but got a lot into it with the hope of a cheap ride. Its blue. This car gave me some kind of a bug bite. I just like the stupid thing. Tho I seem to like small trucks (S-10/Rangers) too. I've been looking at the new Chevy Spark 1.0L ? But like I said, if I don't get some use out of the Tempo ... It could be one of my bigest mistakes. Sorry about the over-flow tank comment. That has been on my mine. I tried to picture others and it didn't work on your car. May-be an old 2 qt fire ex. Good, I couldn't see a fan. My dad tought me 'heat kills' The Tempo runs the coolest I've seen. I remember a Simca through the smokies, sit and cool off from hot fast with those elec. fans. Crap, if that car died I was going to sell it for $1 and take a bus. Couldn't kill and wouldn't die that car ...

Trucks are awesome... I want to scare up an S-10 with a trashed engine some day and make it an electric vehicle. Short runs around town, like a golf cart almost. Supposedly Geo Metros make good EVs also, and Saturn Vues. Can't do it yet though for so many reasons.

I'm not knocking your air-

 Bought a Nova once. Thought the guy was going to cry as I drove it away. Leaf springs were crap. I had air put on it because extenders just recked the works. Found a cheap pant job. Then sold it to a boy friend $1 who then dump me. He never payed me my $1. It was a straight 6 not sure if it was the big or small one. But you could balance a dime on that motor.  Air is good. Thats one cool car. Things that people throw away back then would be such a great hand down to-day. Tempo excluded.

Youre Funny Shannon  :)

BTW my daughter is named Shannon, she insists on spelling it Shanen tho <rolleyes>

Girls in trucks ...:DD

No worries on the air etc, this is an engineers car, function before form. You didn't see a fan cause it's not on yet! won't need it till at least spring, IF I can get it road worthy.

BTW the current air ride "system" is an array of 4 tire stems that are connected to the bags through lines, I use the tire inflator on my compressor to pump them up, totally manual.

Sounds like you should consider the nova a small price to pay to get rid of the ol BF :p

Novas are cool, inline 6s are cooler.

Dated a Nova once, she was a train wreck

Shanen Hu ?

Thats a first for me. Much better than what we have. She must hate it when some one says "Sharon ?" 'NO- Thats Shanen for the up=teenth time ....

Nothing picture worthy at the moment.

I am trying to hook up an old legacy computer piano keyboard to a newer computer it wasn't designed for. It was originally designed to be fed into the computer using the joystick port. Since the newer computer doesn't have that, I need to figure a way around it and pipe the output into the computer. I'm not the least bit musically inclined, lol, but I owe a friend a favor.

I've just finished a project to "design and build a sequencing control system for 64 solenoids that control a mixture of UV tonic and air into a manifold of pipes to be pumped around a structure."

It uses an Arduino, 8-channel relay boards, and a custom prototype-board along with the Vixen sequencing program to control 62 relays which in-turn switch solenoids.

More info can be found here http://cladlab.com/electronics/projects/luxcity-uv-tonic-control-sy...


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