Hi guys,

It doesn't matter if your lab is in a garage, in an office, in your room or behind the washing machine.

It doesn't matter if it is a mess or organized. This topic is to show where you develop your ideas, projects, prototypes and stuff...

So, let's publish your pictures here and show everyone your lab!

GarageLab Team

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Cool! I will be the first. This is my mobile lab while consulting "on the road"

Cool! Very organized. I will be organized like that someday. :)

You can see mine (and all my stuff) at my site :) http://www.backyardworkshop.com

Nice lab Jamie!

Your primary work is with metal. Right?

Thanks! but no - I wouldn't say that :) I do just as much woodworking as I do anything else (Metalworking or plastic parts) my CNC *can* to aluminum but I mainly make signs and other wooden 3D stuff

I had just moved and my ESD is not set up here. It was part of my bed room. Then my living room. Now a 2nd room.


 At home ; From my pictures shows or should show. L to R - Parts thrown to-gether as I log them in on

home made inventory sheets. Parts in boxes above and be-low, tools,connectors etc in see through boxes.

Middle roll away should be a Molson beer box of a few of my analog books with a mayonnaise jar for

winding coils. Be-low is office stuff and I keep folders in a carry box. My studies and journal are keep-ed

in a at-ashey case and are label confidential. On the desk is a mini Realistic STA-19 receiver. You see

the insulation or poly sty ? I made Lug boards (whats a log board? I have photos) and bread boards but,

as I work pre sub-minatue with axial leads. I like to just bend the leads 90 and plug them into 2" insulation

from Home Depo then use short jump leads. Part boxes in reach, The white box is handy circuit tools,one

15W & 25W iron, soap dish for screws,and a power strip. Under the table is vise on a board with handle

and a 1940 to 50's wood drawing board only poly on one side and a wood strip on top and bottom with

thumb screws to fashion a some linoleum on it for drawing. (back side up,folks). I made two stencils

for two lay-outs to save work. Well that cuts it short the best I can.


This was my lab for some time, I worked on Arduino devices quite often since that was part of my research project. I also found a whole bunch of computers thrown out towards the end of the semester. So I figured I would use em in some experiments

Really Nice Lab Eric,

 I got my best Idears in bed and found it very handy not to need to go to far to write them down. I all-so played guitar. I was a bit cripple wonce and from that I found that a wheel chair really works the best for in-and-out. My pet-pee was to roll out to my book case next to my work table. I keep adding and growing. I hate factory style stuff so I tend to stick to better stuff. I'm finding out now that my work bench does not double as a home office spot so I need  to divide the two. Uline.com has a ESD Top Packing Table that looks good but it sure has got that factory look I hate. YA! the heck with the domestic stuff... The Lab needs the room to grow...  Analognerd and Physics geek.

Garage Labs uses a word I like, Believe.  Just keep believing. Even when others dont. Thats how we do it.

Believe! Always!!! ;)

I experiment and build in my office/man cave, but any soldering to do gets done in the garage.  I park my car in the driveway to give myself a place for the louder, messier, stinkier stuff.

I'm lucky a very patient wife who lets me run stuff all over the house - so the house and yard comprise the test areas.  The dog ain't too tolerant to robot testing though!


Thanks David, Your space is sweet. Ya


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