Has anyone tried out the MSP430 Launch Pad yet?


I ordered one a few weeks ago (couldn't pass up the price) but haven't tried it out yet.  I did notice the software you needed to install in order to program it seemed very large and bloated.

I've grown accustom to Arduino's lightweight software and AVR-GCC.  At least you can use those on Linux!

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I'm doing my first msp430 and lets just say I'm underwhelmed....


Both the ATmega328, included with the Arduino Uno, and the MSP430G2553, included with the Launchpad, are 16 MHz chips ? There is no difference in clock speed. In fact, the ATmega2560 used on the Arduino Mega is 16Mhz as well. You probably shouldn't notice any kind of difference.

How are you measuring the speed of the device ?

You can use Energia to program the MSP430 Lauch Pad exactly like an Arduino.  It's much easier to use than the software provided by TI, and it works on Linux.

Thanks Keith and Yves.  Energia looks very promising.

I have used the msp430 with Energia and overall its pretty neat board. As Keith pointed it, this is not a performance solution however for the price I can be forgiving. For simple projects or just a cheap arduino compatible board for teaching a group about Microcontrollers its a great solution.

i has a great potential for cheap projects. Use energia and some 3v servos and you got a robot. There are more and more shields ie booster packs all the time for it. I don't care for their IDE not very friendly or good library files.

I have been using it for a year or so. I made it my main battery projects software. I like that I can step through a program like the big boys and debug it properly.

Software Bloated??

Are you nuts?! what you have is CSS-5 which is  Eclipse the standard tool for doing ANY design / programing in C..

Yes the Arduino (software) is easy for non-programmers..  it also hides all the good stuff you need to know.. Also with Eclipse in a Unix/Linux environment you also get decades of library packages. 

I am building a flight simulator.. http://www.element14.com/community/people/phoenixcomm/blog so I use the Arduino Mega for most of my I/O (switches, lights, interfacing to I2C, etc). But all of my heavy lifting is done in my I/0 Processor which is is a 64bit Linux box. I could not even begin to build this project without Eclipse. 

BTW when the Arduino Mega runs out of gas you should look at the TI Stellaris LaunchPad about 15 bucks lots of juice and I/O 


C A Harrison

Many IDEs are locked down. They want big money for the full version. I'm glad the Adruino crowd has made easy tools for the hobbyist. If it takes a great deal of time just to blink some lights or run a servo on PWM. I did it the old way in college with the HCS12.  Getting all the timers right was a real chore.  I finally went to the scope and did some of it visually. I went back and then did the math again to prove it.  Arduino is much more fun and 1000 times faster.

You can program the launchpad on Linux. If you're a command line guy and simple editor, VI style, jockey then you can make it work alright.http://hackaday.com/2010/08/11/how-to-launchpad-programming-with-li...

Honestly, I like Eclipse/CCS5. When you get the hang of it, debugging with breakpoints and watching variables is a very fast means of writing code compared to serial println debugging. If it feels bloated edit eclipse.ini and tune the java memory management and heap size parameters. That's a whole separate topic, but not tough to search.

The MSP430 accepts the registry based MCU programming paradigm, which Arduino avoids through abstracting the language into nicely packaged, OOP libraries. Different tactics to achieve the same results. I use both regularly. I recommend diving in and getting into the guts of the MSP430 and writing some old-school unabstracted, machine-specific, registry flipping, conceptually primitive code. It's a learning experience, and it translates back to Arduino in that all Arduino libraries are the same kind of hardware specific code but for Atmel chips. You'll be able to tweak your Arduino libs all the better for learning to work toward the MSP430's strengths.

hi! Kringen

even though Energia is promissing! But in my opinion it won't much helpful real time. Writing Embedded c using Code composer studio is very much interesting to make you to learn much about he TI microcontrollers.

More on MSP430 and other TI Microcontroller projects and tutorials


As per my experience with the ATmega328, Arduino Uno, MSP430G2553, Launchpad uses the 16 MHz clock.
Also there is no difference in clock speed for all of them.
Actually the ATmega2560 used on the Arduino Mega is 16Mhz as well.


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