This topic aims to aggregate opinions and tips for turning a CNC milling machine using the firmware GRBL to make a CNC milling machine work as a 3D printer.
Some details are easy to understand, others depend on accumulated experience.
What I have observed is that 3D printers in addition to the three axes, X, Y, and Z, available in firmware GRBL, there is a fourth axis to the extrusion of plastic, this being a problem to be solved later.
For the ejected amount of plastic has the same thickness all around the perimeter should be a relationship between the speed of horizontal movement and the speed of ejection system of plastic.
Another detail worth noting is the format of the Gcode for 3D printing, ie, as the movements are represented in each row for a basic programming printing a simple part, for example a square with height h.
Comments, suggestions and comments are welcome.

Milton Vilela

São Paulo - Brasil

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please see my comment below,the info is there to 3d print with 3 axis grbl,also grbl 4 axis is out ,runs on arduino mega 2650. Do a search you will find it 

Hi Milton,

 I'm not into 3D printing. I thought you would explain to me why one would chose or the advantage to do it this way Vs. the old way such as injection molding? (Is it the cost of mold making?) And why not just mill out a block? (I would think greater-meaning smaller tolerances could be achieve using cutting tools.

 So I guess that I'm asking why more than how. Not many people around today that know how to operate the old style Bridgeport milling machine.

 I haven't been around for a while. All is well. I have made some progress on some of my projects and have added some smaller projects. This has been a lonely progress. I moved to NH. (USA) for the beauty and more jobs. But the jobs were not the best and the people are so simple that there is little chance they could relate to my work.

Gookle Earth Street View in Sao Paulo?                                            Shannon.

Hello, I live in Bailey ,NC and I too face the same type of people ,but its ok ,the cost of living is low ,its peaceful and quite nice, I have learned to keep my mouth shut in the local Radio Shack , just buy what I need and leave,when I worked I drove to Durham every day about 35 miles at 80 mph,thats where all the hi tech people are but most of them have rent/mortgage payments so high all they can do is dream anyway 3d printing is injection molding without the physical mold, the mold is in software (the 3d model) which may be changed with a keystroke or two and some mouse motion  thats the difference ,even with a 3d printer the cost are much lower ,and 3d printing can be done anywhere with 115vac /220vac,even on the deck or patio,its the new economy model it ,print it ,ship it and collect the money via paypal and yes I too can run a bridgeport mill but my desktop CNC is nice too...WCH

Thanks Walter,

 I will Gookle Baily. Sometimes I think a high tech place would be nice but we know what the ( ????) tech world has done to SF. costs and if there smart enough to talk to you, there smart enough to rip you off. I like nature. I can talk to the wild life. Its about the same.

 I have all-ways been be-hind the 8 ball and have never thought many new things would be as big as they have become. I don't like the restriction on having to deal with 'just' injection type material. Could it be dipped and plated after?

 It seems to me that if you don't get any complaints and not interfering than the FCC shouldn't care. I don't see them doing much about many interfering things like mercury lamps. Just try to use a radio in the AM band for ex-sample. I once brought home a DC fan and it was just killing my cable TV. But they still sell them. I like to be neutral ESP when it comes to flea power. Even the FCC makes allowance's for low power devices to be use with out a permit. Ham's police the air waves like I have never seen any-where else. They are so sensitive and so fast to jump down your throat. But don't go by me OK...SMB

Never did like HAM radio,most of them are mechanical engineers who want to be electronic types and the cost,yes I know about rip offs ,I am missing my circular saw ,sabre saw,and vibration sander out of my tool shed ,not alot of money but still makes me mad and yea my next door neighbor is the suspect. Later........ WCH

Hi Walter,

 I am so sorry about my FCC rant. Some how that was a reply to a other discussion. And I sent it to you by mistake. Our conversation has moved on to what should be in (inbox) here. There I might give you my e-mail but not in a open Reply.

 Again, If you was confused you was right. Its just a dumb blond thing maybe. I did have some thoughts about how you could use what your doing in the electronic field. I don't like to talk about things so open in a open forum. Maybe you could use the I-dear. I have too many I-dears my self right now. I need to work on the good ones and I'm working on the lesser ones.  Go figure....  I hope this explains the twist of subjects. I'm sorry I did that to you. You was sooo kind...          Shannon.

Its okay,I understand....WCH

Hi Milton,

 I have sent you a friend request. I can not mail you here till you accept it. I have some I-dears for your 3D printer.

I don't really want to make them public for both our sakes. But if you can answer this question. It would be OK to answer here in this forum. It wouldn't give much away.

Question : How fine of a line can be drawn using 3D printing and how close could those lines be to each other?      At some time I'm going to need sub-circuit board lay-outs. I'm working on a new component and a new type of chip I need. Sort of a early Intel or transistor type of project. I hang around ESC.org but I haven't seen any info on circuit board lay-outs on there site. I have no I-dear how fine lines can be made using 3D. But I do know how to make them smaller still. I got to go Up dates driving nuts here...

Hello How do I set up the friend accept on here,? 

Hi Walter,

 Sorry about the delay. I'm not sure how that works any longer. Its been a while. I do not know if that has been changed. Any ways when your sign-in and on the home page. You will see a box on the top right. In that box you see (Friends - Invite). If I remember right a friend request is sent to the person you send a request to right on this site and when it is OKed You can start e-mailing on this site in a private way through your contacts. It isn't posted open as this is. I'm a little behind right now but when I have more time I will try to remember how that works if it is still do-able these days.


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