What of a 6 wheeled bike/tank. Kind of like a 6 wheel atv but made with bike wheels, a lightweight frame and a nylon cover, powered by a small gas or electric motor. You would sit down and lean back in it. Any ideas for me?

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I could be wrong about weak wheels Jordan,

Last night I was thinking and I realized that I over complected it and took it to a non selling cost. One thing I think I know as a biker. And thats this. It wont peddle as easy as a trail bike for sure. Weight will be a problem and cost if your going to market it, say as a kit.

 I was going to do a drawing to show you the new Idear but here it is with out one. Proto type - 2"X 4" frame covered on the bottom 1/4 ply-wood with bushings or bearing caps for the axles. The wheels can be pined to the axles two ways for soft ground (stagger) or winter snow (inline). Peddle drive (three sprockets) 2nd drive at least 4 sprockets with a meg (low). The axles are chain driven on both sides using 4 bike changes 8 sprockets. Now, between the 2nd drive sprocket (in-front) is a Adj. friction clutch on both sides, befor the out side chains And one brake disk on for each R-L side.(all inside the frame) When adj. right. All you need to do to steer is put some brake on. The clutch if adj. right will slip forceing the bike tank to turn while still in motion.

 A cable clutch would work all-so but then its a fine balance between the brake and that clutch on that side to slow down that driven side but not stop it. That would cost more and take more skill all-so. My gold is NOT needing to stop, aim, go then stop, aim, go over and over but turn while moving. For some reason I like the idear of bushings over barrings. Maybe with grease fittings and collars with set-screws to keep things in place. Not quite sure how every thing will fit into a box. I don't think I'd go for a wide track. This would ware out tires on paved roads. And if pulling a cart of cut logs out of the woods, those two friction clutchs would need to go tight. So tight that you may need to stop, aim, and go to steer with such a load. I'm not sure it could be done any simpler or at a lower cost.                  What do you think ? A cover shot on a mag. worthy ? Will Johnny next door want one ? Or hunter Joe ?                                                       Shannon. 

Thanks for the idea. I appreciate your thoughts. Wood is a good idea to make it lighter. You are right that it should be skinny.

Look what these guys did. We are orbiting around interestingness.

OK, Nice pic's

Have you tried this ? I wonder about being on the same horizontal plaine as the peddles. That is over time does your legs get tired from holing them out there. I see an adj seat where you can take your pick to be over, as in a seat with legs down or like the above. Me I think I would need to change after a while. Was this a posey track with a very low gear. I got to tell you... I think a low, low gear to six wheels would have so much pulling / pushing power that if you tried to pull with it that a wood frame wouldn't be able to take just how strong it is. At least on pay-ment. If I make it big on my Idear, I got to try this. Of-course if I'm rich I will put a re-verse in it and add a garden plow and a snow plow. I don't know how use-full it would be but its as interesting as hell to me because I know that I can peddle my mountain bike with its Mega low gear up a incline so easy and you couldn't push me up it. OR tie a ski rope and try to out pull me when I wont even know you are pulling back. Give me five more wheels and some weight and I got to wonder if I couldn't pull your car while its in park. NO don't think you want wood to try that.

Can't wait to get rich to try it. Those small wheels would add some pull but if you want to do woods summer or winter. Your going to need 26" wheels and even then... snow get deep around here. One winter we had a storm. The streets weren't plowed, there was neat a foot of snow in them. I needed something. I got on my trail bike, hit the low gear and road to the corner store. I even road over a hard snow bank. It was fun and amazing.   Me'e

That's probably right metal would be needed for strength. I've been wanting to learn welding. Maybe your legs would get tired having them up in the air but being able to push with your back against a seat would give you incredible pushing power. Powered unit is probably the only way to go.

Ya, the cool thing Jordan,

Is in low gear a small <49cc would do the job and around here that wouldn't need to be registered for the road. Only 2 stroke is so loud. I more pictured peddle with a tent like top with windows over it as a cab. You know every one is going to ask where you got it. The trails around back here would surport its with. I think it would cut through the snow where the ATV's don't have a chance. I don't see any small 4 strokes. My life is in the slow lane any-ways. Flip out some paddles off the spokes and you can maybe take it fishing too. Just set it on top of a johnny boat. Now theres a new use for it. Don't know me...

Yes, I like this what others might think of a stupid idear.

 Why, - It goes back to England in the 1300's More 1350's I think. That was the time of the cold ice age and the Black Plague. But in those odds what really nearly took them ALL down was the pestilences of there farm Ox's. They needed to plow there fields. They had no gas back then. And if ever a day comes when gas is too high or no where around like it thrid worlds today... Your back to Ox's or this six wheel power machine. Now I don't see many Ox's around here and you may need to have a stronger wheel but... In England in the animal pestilences years they couldn't plow there fields for food and thousands DIED. This idear maybe the dumbest you have ever heard. But if you can't hunt, you can't plow, It could very well be a corner stone to staying alive.

 I'm glad I didn't put up a drawing of it. One of my drawings showed up on Bing.image's of a acoustic guitar amp and the sub title said... A circuit problem. Now there was no circuit problem but some changes one could make. I'd hate to put up a six wheel design and have it show up as some peace of crap... Hay ! you post it. It will be shown. May-be not in its best light....  Shannon.


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