What of a 6 wheeled bike/tank. Kind of like a 6 wheel atv but made with bike wheels, a lightweight frame and a nylon cover, powered by a small gas or electric motor. You would sit down and lean back in it. Any ideas for me?

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Something like this, maybe?

thanks, dude.


Your the 2nd person who has spoken about this 6 wheel bike for terrain in two months to me.Thats odd. Tho the model T did so well on mud roads even with out good dirt bike tires... Light weight so you don't sink in ? or with a track ? I'm not sure this image can be seen. If not, try Model T in mud on Bing image's. There's one with eight wheels with a track.

I wonder if GM will steel this idear just as they did KK.sai subramanyam Radar car.


I'll bet that worked good on the field. I was thinking no tracks. I guess the design kinda works itself out as you progress your development. There were some smart people back then.

Some times Jordan,

I think people were smarter back then or at least had more common sence. Lets cut that short... Why people want six wheels I don't understand. You can't steer it with out doing a tank thing with a clutch and that is NOT efficient. Gas guzzle or ware out a man power. I see four wheel drive with really aggressive dirt tires like on a motor dirt bike. Around here you want the light weight to over come the forword drag (if you will) but the brush could pick up the unit and the wheels wouldn't touch the ground. I would think one would be better off on the light side than heavy side. Tho the strain of the unit would call for it to be heavy some what. Carbon body would be too costly. If you didn't want to sink in. I would use six wheels in back and two or four in front. Not sure if you could get the ground to tire pressure you needed with that many. Wheels could be lite but I'm not sure about the frame. Now whats wrong with a very low geared mountain bike ? Is this for a cripple person ? We humans are such well designed creature's - - -  but I ride a trail bike and that beats walking for me on flat ground. I live in N.H. if theres not a trail... Your better off on foot. I'm not getting this multi wheel peddle thing. May-be if it was for roads and was a truck like use. Dont know...  Me'e

Hmmm...very helpful comments Shannon. Six wheels is more complicated. I was thinking of 6 to prevent being stuck in rough or muddy conditions. I'm thinking of this for an all terrain vehicle. Let me rethink this and see what is the deal.

How about a elongated tricycle that you lean back in. Electric powered. A small deployable wind generator to recharge your batteries when you are stopped. Of course the primary charging would be a standard power outlet.

Soory I'm late answering. I've been busy.

I near put a solar panel on a electric scooter. The reason was even with a small 500w motor it got 8mi top on flat roads. I would think a small gas motor if your not avoiding that would get you back again.

You got me wondering about peddle power in a tractor type with a very low gear (three speed) for doing work. My trail bike is a Iron Horse. Its heavy so it can take a beating. In the low (Mega gear) that thing can climb up a very steep terrain with little work. You don't go too fast and you can't lean back, but that has got me thinking*** Some times a small tree falls across the trail- say 4". When I cut it, I can't pull the hole thing out of the way so I need to cut it in three peices. Some time I'm going to tie a roap to my bike and try pulling with it. I bet it can out pull me and do some tree work.

 OK, what do you think of this. A peddle tractor that can plow a feld and ferrule the soil ? Plowing snow would take some time. They were cutting trees clearing out back here and they couldn't get there truck to the limbs or the limbs to the truck. Thats when I thought, I bet my bike could pull those easy.

Technically it might work but it would be very slow. Unless it gets a gas motor and is built very sturdy. Worth looking into I think considering the price of a good tiller.

Ya, your very right in to-days world.

 Me I think of raw independence. A way of yesteryer year. May-be the Amo's have that raped up with animal power. Time would be of the exess in a large field I know. But if there was no gas, I think it would be cheaper than an animal. At least you don't need to feed it. Yes you could tiller with it too. I think my point was that it could be done. Why it was never done be-for I don't know. OH ! yes I do... Animals. May-be some day gas will go by the way side as animals have. Then what do we do ? How did we miss this ? We never missed the pulley.. It was about the same thing as peddle low gear with wheels. Now, I think a bit like a prepper so its normal for me to fine a new use for your power device. If I had a welding shop. I might try it. The problem is that in to-days world... We don't have the time. I bet the Native Americans would have loved it. Raw independence. One very basic need. I'm sorry, You give me a six wheel peddle mechine and I'm going to put it to work.   Shannon.

Hi Jordan,

I keep thinking about this. I don't know why. Maybe there's something to it. If you want lightweight and bike wheels. I seem to think that the middle two wheels will need to be raised off the ground when turning. Then lower down again. Sort of a four wheel drive and then a six wheel drive all independ wheel drive, maybe fluid drive R & L to steer. Because the lateral force on standard bike wheels of the center two would be so high when turning. I'm not sure standard bike wheels could take that kind of a beating. If they could you could steer it by a valve instead of a cluch. That photo of the two people power must of had one drive for each side. I would think you would want a one person power bike tank.     Shannon.

Yes, good point. Thanks


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